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 Topic: My ratings to new TV anime shows of Spring 2021
My ratings to new TV anime shows of Spring 2021 [message #408205] Fri, 14 May 2021 08:02
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This is the list of my ratings to new shows based on every
first episode. Most of proper nouns in this list are my
guess instead of official ones.

Ratings may vary episode by episode.
The number isn't the rank but only a sequence for
convenience. Sorted by stars.

[for k:kids, s:shoujo, g:grown-ups]
*:fair, **:enjoyable, ***:must see
a:good animation/artwork, d:good drama/story,
h:humorous/hilarious, m:good music, v:violent,
w:heartwarming, +:outstanding (e.g. a+ means
outstanding animation/artwork)

1) Mashiro no Oto (Shin-ei Douga): **, adhm
Setsu moves to Tokyo after his grandpa who was his mentor of shamisen
died. In an occasion, he plays a shamisen at a stage and makes the
audience get excited. Yet he isn't confident of playing the
instrument, his mother has a plan to make him the successor of his
2) Vivy -Fluorite Eye's Song- (WIT Studio): **, a+d
Vivy is a human type AI and diva. Her mission is to please audience
by her song. But people say that AI can't put heart in songs and she
get few audience in a stage. An AI terminal Matsumoto appeares and
tells her that AI will go out of control and threathen the human
civilization 100 years later. He asks her to cooperate to stop the
3) Gozilla S.P. <Singular Point> (Bones+Orange): **, ah
Two engineers of Ohtaki Factory come to investigate a ghost house
and find a radio playing a strange song repeatedly, while Mei visits
Misakioku administration office to check the reason of aram, hears
the same song and finds a cable Ohtaki Factory installed years ago.
The cable is connected to the basement that stores a large bone frame
of dinosaur. At the same time, a large pterodactyl attacks the city.
4) Hige wo soru, soshite Joshikou-sei wo hirou (Project No.9): **, hw
Yoshida's heart is broken by Gotoh and he gets drunk. On the way
back home, he finds a girl Sayu in a crouch under a street light.
She run away from home with no money nor house to stay. Yoshida gets
angry about her indiscretion. From compassion, he allows her to stay
in his apartment as far as she does housework.
5) Seijo no Maryoku wa banno desu. [s](Diomedéa): **, ah
Sei is mistakenly summoned and thrown into Slantani Kingdom of another
world. Although the royal court apologizes her for the acccident,
she has no way to return home. Sei knows about herbs and learns how
to make potion at the royal research center. Her potion is used for
wounded soldiers and its effect amazes everyone.
6) 86 Eighty-six (A-1 Pictures): **, ad
AI controlled tanks of Gearde Empire invade the 17th field of St
Magnolia Republic. A unit of Juggernaut unmanned tanks destroys the
enemy. Laina, the youngest major, is assigned to the handler of
Juggernaut's processors of Spreadhead unit. The processor '86'
is actually discriminated human but people pretend that they are
consumable machine. Laina can't stand for the deceit and wants to
help them somehow.
7) Sayonara Watashi no Cramer (LIDEN FILMS): **, dh
In a junior high, Nozomi was playing succer in a boys club, but her
adviser tells her to join a girls soccer club in a high school
because her physique can't compete boys anymore. Instead, she should
make girls soccer's level up. Then she joins girls club without a
hope. But in a game with another school's club, she finds many
brilliant players and thinks that his advice was right.

8) Odd Taxi (P.I.C.S+OLM): *, hm
Odokawa is a walrus and sullen taxi driver in a city of animal-humans.
He learns what's going on in the city from busy passenger's talks.
A news says that the police is searching for a lost girl whom Odokawa
shelteres in his apartment for protection. The suspect of the incident
is Dobu a gang baboon. Dobu seems to have a dirty connection to a
policeman who looks for traces of the girl and takes data from
Odokawa's drive recorder.
9) Slime taoshite 300nen, shiranai uchini... (Revoroot): *, ah
Azusa died for overwork and reincanates as an immortal witch in
another world. She wishes to live in a slow life. She takes
registration in the adventurer's guild to get money. People call her
Witch of Highland. She keeps killing slimes for 300 years and becomes
the strongest witch in the world. One day, Leica a dragon visits her
house and becomes her apprentice.
10) Fumetsu no Anata e (Brains Base): *, d
A ball that copies any form is thrown into the world. A wolf dies and
the ball turns into the wolf. The wolf meets a boy who is his master.
The boy leaves empty village with the wolf. But he gets serious wound
and dies. It turns into the boy and go forward to find something
11) Koi to yobu niwa Kimochi warui [s](NOMAD): *, h
When Ryu is about to fall from station's stairs, Ichika catches
his collar by the handle of umbrella to save him. Ryu crushes on her
at once. Ichika is a classmate of his sister Rio. Ryu begins to try
to get her favor somehow.
12) Kyuukyoku shinka-shita Fulldive PRG ga Kusogee dattara (ENGI): h
After Hiro failed to buy a new game, he comes across a shabby game
shop and buys an old game Kiwame that a clerk Leona cheats him to do.
As he plays the game, he finds the game is so realistic and he is
trapped by very bad situation only some minutes later.
13) Bishounen Tanteidan (Shaft): a
As Mayumi falls from the deck of observatory of junior high school,
Manabu saves her and invites her to the room of Bishounen detective
group of which he is the head. The members of the group are all very
famous in the school for various reasons, bad or good.
14) Shadows House [s](Clover Works): a
People of Shadow family are covered by scoot and only their shadows
are visible. They employ automatons as housemaid for cleaning and
visible avatar of themselves. Kate names her maid Emiliko who
is awkward and uneducated. They have many obstacles to overcome.
15) Isekai-Maou to Shoukan-shoujo no Dorei Majutsu Ω (Tezuka Pro): h
Diablo is an avatar of a player of an RPG. Despite the avatar has
huge power and magic skill, the player is always nervous to face
difficult situation. When he is invoked by a priest girl in danger,
he descends to her side and barely saves her. Afterwards, she joins
Diablo's company to go to Zircon Tower to meet the head of chivalry.
In Taisho period, a team of M.P. investigates a case in which an
actress was seriously injured in the theatre but healed soon
spontaneously. It must be a maru-Q (case of vampire). Maeda is
assigned to the chief of Zero Agency, anti-vampire organization, to
sweep vampires out of Tokyo.
17) Sentou-in Haken shimasu (J.C.Staff): h
As a secret society Kisaragi is about to conquer the world, they try
to build a space transportation base in a distant planet. They sends
combatant #6 and android Kisaragi to the star.
18) Dragon, Ie wo kau (SIGNAL.MD): h
Dragon sits the top of hierarchy of inhabitants of a fantasy world.
Letty was stolen an egg that he was nursing and disowned by his
family. He has to buy his house but there are many bad guys who cheat
19) Bakuten (ZEXCS): a
Story of boys who were fascinated by back somersault.
20) EDENS ZERO [k](J.C.Staff): a
When Rebecca visits a deserted themepark planet, Shiki is the only
human left there. He is a maintenance staff and has special power,
Ethergear, to protect his friends. Rebecca invites him to her
spaceship. And they go to her home planet Bluegarden.
21) Battle Athletes Re: Start [s](Seven):
Kanata enters an athletic meet and tries to be Cosmo Beauty. Yana,
the representative of the Moon, has a plan to save moon people who
are discrimanated by government of the Earth.
22) Osananajimi ga zettai makenai Rabukome (Douga Kobo):
Haru praises Shiro's novel by which she won a book prize. Shiro
is very happy to have his admiration. Haru crushes on her, while
he turns down Kuro who is his childhood friend. Rumor has it that
Shiro is a girl friend of Mitsuru. With the help of Kuro, Haru
tries to break them up.
23) CESTVS (BN Pictures):
Story of a slave boxer in Roman empire.
24) Tokyo Revengers (LIDEN FILMS);
Takemichi is a looser. Someone pushes his back at a platform. He
falls to the rails in front of an incomming train. Then, he leaps
back 12 years ago when he was a coward errand of a gang. It's
his darkest history and he wants to change the future especially
of his girl friend who dies for car accident 12 years later.
When Luca picks up a blue ring a woman dropped, time freezes and
the world is painted in colorful pattern. The ring seems to be a
key to open the magic world where a good mind and evil mind fight
against each others
26) Fairy Ranmaru [s](Studio COMET):
The queen creates a team of five boys from different races to
help common people. Every boy has own special ability. They stand
by in a bar and turn into battle fairies when they save people.
27) Subarashiki Kono Sekai [k](Domerica+Shin-ei Douga):
Boys and girls are gathered under a contract in which they are
given special power to defeat invaders called Noise.
28) Ijiranaide Nagatoro-san (Telecom Animation Film):
At the library of high school, a nasty girl Nagatoro finds a manga
draft a shy boy is drawing. She makes fun of him by playing the
manga and puts him in tears. She calls him Senpai and keeps kidding
him thereafter.
29) Super Cub (Studio Kai):
Oguma hates to go across hills to reach high school by bicycle.
So she buys a secondhand HONDA Super Cab, motorbike with 50cc
engine. Even though the Cab has had three casualties, she doesn't
care because she has few money and it's affordable as a bicycle.
30) Jouran (BAKKEN RECORD):
In a parallel world, Tokugawa Yoshinobu still rules the country.
A counterforce Janome plans to kill him by the agents treated by
beast medicine. Sawa is a guard of Tokugawa and kills an agent
of tiger. Because Sawa has also power of beast.
31) Yakunara Mugcup mo [s](Nihon Animation):
Himeno is transferred from Tokyo to a high school in Tajimi where
Minoyaki pottery is famous. She joins the pottery club of the school.
32) Seven Nights Revolution (LIDEN FILMS+Domerica):
In a world where a cult Casis rules and destroys civil society, the
members of the student council of Granseed Academy fight against
monsters. Faria, the head of the council has the power of an ancient
hero. A goddess summons a freshman Nemo to another world and gives
him hero's power to help Faria.
33) Shakunetsu Kabbady (TOMS Ent.):
Story of the Kabbadi club of a high school.

Sequels/Another stories/Spin-offs/Remakes:
Boku no Hero Academia
Kingdom 3
Mairimashita! Iruma-kun 2
NOMAD Megarobox 2
Tensura Nikki
Yuukoku no Moriarty
Zombi Land Saga Revenge

/ Ishikawa Kazuo /
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 Topic: Re: Is Al Gore The Father of the Internet?^
Re: Is Al Gore The Father of the Internet?^ [message #408176] Wed, 12 May 2021 22:33
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> I thought India currently has other more pressing problems.

More pressing than SEO? Give your head a shake.

(Do I really need sarcasm tags around the above?)

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 Topic: mb-audit: a Mockingboard test suite for emulators
mb-audit: a Mockingboard test suite for emulators [message #408090] Sun, 09 May 2021 15:05
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Here's an initial release of a Mockingboard (and Phasor) test suite I've been working on recently:

It's mainly an audit for emulation correctness, but doubles up as a set of tests for real hardware to help identify faults.

See the above link for details (and a .dsk image), but a quick overview is it tests all the sub-systems on the cards (6522/VIA, AY-3-8913 and any speech SC-01 / SSI263 chips).

It's still in beta, as I've not got a full selection of cards to test it with. So if you try it and notice any failing tests with real (working) hardware, then raise a GitHub issue or report it here.

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Nintendo Magazine System – Issue Number 6

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Nintendo Magazine System – Issue Number 6

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