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Crosstalk woes [message #155057] Thu, 15 August 1985 01:38 Go to next message
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Posted: Thu Aug 15 01:38:56 1985
Date-Received: Tue, 20-Aug-85 01:51:39 EDT
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Reply-To: doon@sdcsma.UUCP (Harry Reed)
Organization: System Development Corp. R+D, Santa Monica
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Keywords: help!
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To all netlanders:

	A friend of mine recently purchased a IBM PC/XT (running under PC-DOS)
and the Crosstalk XVI communications/terminal package. He is also running 256K
of main memory and dual 5 1/4 inch drives. However, he can't seem to get
Crosstalk to work. He can save the com files ok (with the info on the type of
terminal, function key settings, ...etc) but when he types this:

	A> XTALK 		(where  is the com file)

...the machine seems to load in the file, then it displays a blank screen with
the status line on the bottom. This is where it gets screwy. After this the
machine refuses to dial the modem. He has checked and verified that Cross-
talk is set up and should be talking to a Hayes 1200 baud Smartmodem (external)
which is the type of modem he is using. 
  His question, and mine too, is does Crosstalk automatically dial the modem? I
am sure that this is the plan but cannot convince Crosstalk of this. However,
he can dial the modem manually but not through Crosstalk. If anyone has any
insight please let me know. Since I am not a IBM-PC guru I could use some help
on this one. Thanx in advance.

				-- doon
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Posted: Fri Aug 16 23:06:41 1985
Date-Received: Tue, 20-Aug-85 20:45:16 EDT
References:  <124@sdcsma.UUCP>
Reply-To: mikem@tekcae.UUCP (Michael E. Meyer)
Organization: Tektronix, Beaverton OR
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When using a smart modem you need to type "go local" after getting the
xtalk attention line.  Also, when I use it I just type "xtalk" and have
xxx.xtk files set up to choose from depending on which system I want to

Michael E. Meyer
USENET: ...!tektronix!tekcae!mikem
  ARPA:	tekcae!mikem.tek@CSNET-RELAY
	P.O. Box 500, MS 19-075
	Beaverton, OR 97077 USA
	(503) 627-2628
Re: Crosstalk woes [message #155097 is a reply to message #155057] Mon, 19 August 1985 16:54 Go to previous messageGo to next message
Originally posted by: ncahec@ecsvax.UUCP (Jim Gogan)
Article-I.D.: ecsvax.270
Posted: Mon Aug 19 16:54:20 1985
Date-Received: Fri, 23-Aug-85 20:46:19 EDT
References: none <124@sdcsma.UUCP>
Organization: UNC - Chapel Hill
Lines: 41
Xref: linus net.micro:10334 net.micro.pc:4756

Unfortunately, Crosstalk is one of those communications packages that
requires you to change the default settings on the configuration
switches inside the Hayes Smartmodem 1200 (external model).  I love
Crosstalk and use it regularly, but that aspect is a real pain when you
need to evaluate and test out other communications packages as well.

The first thing you need to do is to pry open the black plastic cover
around the front of the modem (where the lights are).  Just use a small
screwdriver or something with a small enough edge to fit under the
plastic guard on the side.  The following table shows, for each switch,
the default Hayes factory setting and the proper setting for operating

                 FACTORY           CROSSTALK
   SWITCH        SETTING           SETTING

      1           DOWN             UP
      2           UP               UP        (NOT USED BY XTALK)
      3           DOWN             DOWN      (NOT USED BY XTALK)
      4           UP               DOWN
      5           DOWN             UP        (IF YOU WANT AUTO-ANSWER)
      6           DOWN             UP
      7           UP               UP       (FOR RJ-11 JACK, DOWN FOR RJ-12)
      8           DOWN             DOWN

After you've changed the settings, turn on the modem, start up XTALK and
you should (eventually) see the prompt "ENTER NUMBER FOR FILE TO USE:"
on the bottom line of your screen.  Enter the number for the file
"NEWUSER", and answer the questions with responses appropriate for the
system to which you wish to connect.  One of those questions asks you
for the phone number - Crosstalk will dial it for you.

Jim Gogan
N.C. AHEC Program
UNC-CH School of Medicine
Chapel Hill, NC  27514
Re: Crosstalk woes [message #223939 is a reply to message #155057] Sat, 07 September 1985 15:56 Go to previous message
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Article-I.D.: brl-tgr.1334
Posted: Sat Sep  7 15:56:53 1985
Date-Received: Mon, 9-Sep-85 03:21:28 EDT
Sender: news@brl-tgr.ARPA
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I, too, have had experience with Microstuf that suggests that they are
less than customer-aware when anomalies occur in Crosstalk XVI.  For the
longest time there has been a bug in their XMODEM protocol for receiving
files, which causes the system to hang in the middle of a transfer under some
(unknown) circumstances.  Several phone calls to them, and several versions
have not cured the bug, which is notorious enough for someone to have
posted an XMODEM program to some bulletin boards for the specific purpose
of leaving Crosstalk, downloading, and returning to Crosstalk.  Since I
find this unacceptable, I have abandoned my investment and use ACSII PRO,
an outstanding communications program written by Bill Blue for United
Software.  I am particularly dissatisfied with the conversations with
Microstuf, in which they tried to blame their problems on everyone but
their inadequate code.  ("Well, there's no standard XMODEM protocol."  
ME:"Why do the following six communications programs have no problem?"
"Well we can't get information about the protocol."  ME:"Try calling
..... (I supplied a list of several experts who have written various
programs like MEX, MODEM, etc.)"
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