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Re: Variable/Interger Pointers QUESTON; [message #93078] Sat, 11 October 2003 20:24
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Are you using Kernel file routines to output your characters? IIRC, for file
numbers > 128 (> $80 hex, ie., MSB set) the Kernel automatically adds a
line feed to carriage returns.

"Steve Bell" <> wrote in message
> Paul:

> I'll be downloading Jim Butterfields book very soon. I would like to

> learn arrays in ML, so i can write even more ML routines. Im

> developing a Bulletin Board System, and hav run into 1 "bug/error" so

> far. granted it is a "cosmetic" error, ,its is just frustrating me.

> Maybe you might have an idea on what the cause could be, without me

> sending/postinig thousands of lines of source code. I will try to

> describe the bug the best I can.


> My "data output" routine prints 1 character from a string to the

> screen then the modem and returns. I then have another routine that

> starts at the beginning of the string grabs one character at a time,

> and JSRs them to the first rotine, untill the strings length is met,

> then the second routine returns to basic. When i first start my

> program, the text is outputed exactly like a BASIC print"Hello";

> statement would work. I also have a SysOp window, which needed a

> special "scroll" routine, to keep the window at the top of the screen

> "there" all the time. here is how i can make the bug expose itself. if

> i output data plus a string at the end. Ex. a$="1]Current Baud Rate:

> "+br$(1):sys49152 it will print fine. Keep in mind everything is

> printing fine as of now. If i change the br$(1) to another variable,

> etc.. 300, 1200, 14.4 it will print everything ok, but once it priints

> the "1]Current Baud Rate: 300:" like it should, after that line is

> processed, it will print a double carriage return, when there was

> only one programmed to be sent. And then, once this bug "Starts" it

> starts getting worse, and priinting double carriage returns EVERYWHERe

> there is a need for print a return after a line of text. Which makes

> devvelopng the BBS's BETA Cosmetic scheme very hard. I do use a

> routine similar to C-Net BBS, where while in quotes, in the BASIC, if

> an F6 is entered, the output interpreter will print a carriage return.

> But iive tried using a chr$(13) instead, and it still errors. ANY

> help, will encourage me to develop this BBS system further, and most

> of all, will be appreciated. Thanks, and sorry for thhe novel..

> -steve bell






> (Paul Rosenzweig) wrote in message

>> (Steve Bell) wrote in message


>>> To make that sound les complicated. How would i locate aa%

>>> and print it to the screen? Or, locate aa and print it to the

>>> screen. Im trying to write a BBS program, and due to a small

>>> cosmetic bug, thats frustrating me to death, im working on

>>> new features. Any help will be remembered, and appreciated.


>> You probably want to read the stuff on your topic in Jim

>> Butterfield's book MACHINE LANGUAGE for THE C64, C128


>> Commodore ML book is in the file ML4C64.ZIP here:




>> You may want to start on page 102.


>> Both floating point and integer scalar variables occupy 7 bytes.

>> The first 2 bytes of a scalar memory entry contain its name and its

>> variable type. The Butterield book shows you how to figure out the

>> variable type. Once you are able to find a variable in memory, you

>> will need to look at the 5 bytes that follow the numerical variable

>> name for the variable value. Locating variables in memory on C128's

>> is a snap with the BASIC 7 POINTER function. You will need to

>> write your own code for locating variables in C64 BASIC programs.


>> I was unable to find any stuff in Buttefield's book on array

>> manipulation but I don't think you need that kind of thing right now.
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