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Jedi Afterlife [message #52070] Wed, 01 May 2013 14:31
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Date: Tue, 14-Jun-83 20:04:27 EDT
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Posted: Tue Jun 14 20:04:27 1983
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From:  Robert Amsler 

Darth Vader doesn't vanish because he was "more machine than man"
when he died. The machine part wouldn't have gone anyway.

I'm surprised nobody has commented on my hypothesis that these
persona of dead Jedi are not in fact separate entities, but
either wholly living WITHIN Luke Skywalker or only able to
manifest themselves by using Luke as a link into this world.

Nobody but Luke sees them. Nobody but Luke hears them. They
somehow manage to get around the universe and find Luke. Assuming
they are not omnicient after death, how do they travel? Or
are they omnipresent? Anomalies would appear to indicate that
the persona of dead Jedi can't be manifested other than in the
presence of a Jedi who was there when they died. For instance,
Obi Wan SHOULD have been able to warn Luke et al. of the trap
set by the Emperor, and I assume he didn't because he didn't KNOW
about it. I suggest that dead Jedi in fact just live on as
mental patterns within the mind of another Jedi mind. That there
is advantage to dying in the presence of such a mind--i.e. you
can then live on at least etherially--whereas if you die in
isolation your aura has no place to go. This is why Obi-Wan smiled
before Darth killed him... He knew that "if you strike me down I
shall become far stronger than even you realize, Darth". This
is why Yoda conveniently died with Luke nearby---and perhaps even
why Yoda had Luke return to his side after all his training was
finished. It also possibly explains why Luke's father appeared
a fraction of a second after the others... Each persona took some
strength from the force to materialize. There is probably a limit
to how many persona one Jedi can carry around and regenerate.
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