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More Yoda Questions [message #52068] Wed, 01 May 2013 14:31
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	An earlier article has reminded me of many questions I have had 
about Yoda.  He always seems to pop up in the stories just when needed, 
but no one else in the galaxy seems to know about him - even the emperor!
So here goes:

1) I couldn't think there was more than one year between ESB and Rotj ( ine
Star Wars time that is), so how does a 900 year old being go from robust
health (remember Luke's ship) to decrepit old age in that time?  This 
brings up question

2)  What about Yoda's race.  Surely he isn't the only short, cute, green
muppet in the galaxy.  Are all Yodas (for lack of a better word) strong 
in the force?  Are they the source of all Jedi training?  Are there any
left to help Luke rebuild the Jedi?  

3)  If Yoda was so strong in the force how come the Emperor never felt
his "disturbence of the force".  In either ANH or ESB (I think ESB) the
emperor refers to Luke in this way.  If he can detect Luke, then Yoda
should send his meters right off the scale. Or can people very strong in the
force "mask" themselves somehow?

4)  Long Life.  In Rotj when Luke says to Yoda that he can't die, Yoda replies,
"Strong am I in the force, but not that strong".  Does this mean that the 
force, properly controlled and in sufficient strength, can prolong life or
even give immortality?  What a development that would be!

	The question I am most interested in is #2 above.  Replies and 
discussion would be most welcome.

			David (can I have an Ewok as a pet) Grindal
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