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The correct use of the atari sub-groups [message #280136] Fri, 28 February 1986 03:07
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Posted: Fri Feb 28 03:07:59 1986
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 >  Newsgroups: net.micro.atari8
 >  Subject: re CPM/68K vs TOS
 >  Terry-
 >  Hmmm, looks like that we've got a problem here...
 >  When the ST was presented to the public all testers told that it is
 >  using an enhanced CPM/68k. They also told that the disks use the IBM
 >  PC format. Actually it's the same, except 2 small differences. If you
 >  add a 5" floppy to the ST you can transfer ONE file at a time (with
 >  more you get problems with the file allocation table) from the PC to
 >  the ST and vice versa. In the 'Hitchhikers Guide to the BIOS' and
 >  in the documentation they compare their system quite much with MS-DOS
 >  (sometimes to often). Actually it is very similar to MS-DOS (not only
 >  Unix; like I told before). The subdirectories are handeled like in
 >  MS-DOS. I never worked with CPM/68k but there was a time when I wanted
 >  to build such a system (was too expensive), so I know at least some
 >  facts about it. Unfortunately I don't have access to my documentations
 >  right now... but I'll dig it out when there is need for it.
 >  (Then I can post a comparison of the system calls.)
 >  In general you push your desired function on the stack and call the
 >  system. And this functions are different in both OS's as I know.
 >  Next: You've got several system components: GEMDOS,BIOS,XBIOS,GEM and a
 >  grafics kernel. GEMDOS is not GEM, it's more like BDOS in CP/M.
 >  The XBIOS is an extension of the BIOS. The kernel supports the GEM (You
 >  can use it without GEM if you like). Even without GEM the TOS doesn't
 >  look like CPM/68k. Try to run an CPM program (of course from the TOS)
 >  und you'll see what happens...several bombs...reset....:-)
 >    The problem is that ATARI had the intention to use CPM (and told so)
 >  but changed their mind later on. But several M-magazines are still
 >  writing something about CPM68k on the ST. If they would have tried
 >  to run an CPM program the would have known better.
 >  Finally, I'm not the ultimate source for such informations, I know
 >  some facts but not all...feel free to revise the above.
 >  Johann Zuschlag (I6191008@DBSTU1.BITNET)

* * * * FLAME ON * * * *

	Well, I have had enough.  This posting is 100% ST.  It has
absolutly no relation to the Atari 8 bit computers.  It was posted
by some A**H*** at info-atari.  They are the ones that split the
group in the first place.  He should know better.  But he doesn't.


* * * * * flame off * * * * (Until another ST posting is made.)

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