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  • Electronic Gaming Monthly (March 2008)


    Source: Electronic Gaming Monthly – March 2008

    It’s hard for me to even consider this issue of EGM “retro” but it is over a decade old now. The March 2008 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly includes:


    • Disgruntled fish-petters speak out

    Press Start

    • Overachievers – Find out why worthless virtual accolades mean so much to so many…
    • Foreign Object
    • Preview: FaceBreaker – EA’s zany new pugilism offering is more Rocky IV than Raging Bull
    • Funny Business – Developers recount the shenanigans that go on behind the scenes
    • Take This Job – This month: The dude who get today’s hottest tunes into your videogames
    • Preview: Soulcalibur IV – Incongruous guest characters from a galaxy far, far away infiltrate the action
    • Preview: Ninja Gaiden – Ryu Hyabusa leaps back into the fray on Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS
    • Preview: Bully: Scholarship Edition – School’s back in session on both Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii
    • Small Wonders – Five tiny titles proving that mobile gaming doesn’t have to suck
    • Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Prep yourself for the most anticipated prequel since The Phantom Menace
    • Rumor Mill – Dead Rising’s undead mob plots its revenge from an unlikely place


    • Reviews
    • Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen of Mirrors
    • FIFA Street 3
    • Devil May Cry 4
    • Turok
    • The Club
    • Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
    • Wipeout Pulse
    • Patapon
    • Reviews Wrap-Up

    Game Over

    • EGM’s Sixth Annual Tobias Bruckner Memorial Awards – Noted humorist Seanbaby presides over this year’s crop of crap
    • Retro: Matters of Import – Long-forgotten gems from abroad get a second shot at success on the Virtual Console
    • Seek and Enjoy: Space Chase – EGM’s loving tribute to Highlights for Children blasts into orbit
    • Hsu & Chen

    …and more!

  • Conflict: Denied Ops


    Source: Electronic Gaming Monthly – March 2008

    I’ll be honest here and say that I am completely unfamiliar with the conflict series of games. Apparently it was popular enough to spawn and least five games in the series as this was the fifth. However, this game also comes from an era where I had mostly stopped paying attention to new releases. I had and still have a PS3 but in the many years I have owned it, it has only ever been used to play blu-ray movies, Netflix and Amazon Prime. It was also used briefly to run Linux before Sony took that capability away. At the time I bought my PS3 it was about the same price as a stand-alone blu-ray player (or close enough).

    But I digress… Conflict: Denied Ops is a fairly generic 1st person shooter that was available on the PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows and was released in 2008. It’s really about as generic as a 1st person shooter can be and the reviews reflect that. Reviews were extremely…average…overall. The story involves a fictional war in Venezuela. There are two characters that a single player can switch between or two players can play co-op. Weapons are rather limited as you can only use the particular weapons favorted by your character and enemy weapons cannot be picked up.

    The good news is that this game can be had dirt cheap in whichever form you want it in. While more than a decade old now, PS3s and Xbox 360s are everywhere and I suspect you could get the Windows version to run without too much trouble though I haven’t tried it. The question is, is it really worth it?

    This ad is from the March 2008 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly.