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  • IBM Aptiva

    IBM Aptiva


    The Aptiva line was the successor to IBM’s PS/2 line and was the last line of consumer oriented computers produced by IBM. The first Aptivas were sold in the Fall of 1994 and were made with Intel’s 486 CPU. The Aptiva line was discontinued in 2001 with no consumer oriented successor. The model above appears to be an Aptiva 2171 or similar which would have been a Pentium III based machine.

    IBM did not do all that well with the Aptiva and hadn’t been doing well in the consumer marketplace for a long time. IBM just could not compete on price. You could buy better and less expensive computers from companies like Dell, Gateway, Micron and Compaq among others. Part of the problem was a spat they had with Microsoft (Aptivas did not initially ship with Windows 95) but the bigger problem was really IBMs inability to adapt to a changing marketplace. This was a problem that started back when the first cheap clones started to appear.

    IBM held on for a while longer with their Thinkpad laptop line but they ultimately sold that line to Lenovo in 2005. Today, IBM is mostly an IT services company providing various cloud and IT services to corporations.

  • Games For Windows (January 2008)


    Source: Games For Windows – Issue Number 14 – January 2008

    Coming in at just over 10.5 years old, the January 2008 issue of Games For Windows is barely what I consider retro. Then again, the Nvidia 8800GT as the best $250 graphics card does seem like a long time ago. This issue includes:

    Cover Story

    • Day of Reckoning – This holiday season’s game deluge makes for our biggest reviews lineup ever: a whopping 30 pages, covering everything from Crysis to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare to Hellgate: London to Universe at War: Earth Assault to SimCity: Societies. Plus, a trio of postmortem Q&A interviews with game developers to round out this month’s extra-special reviews extravaganza.


      • Editorial – “Why so low?” Jeff ponders why some folks seem to think 8 out of 10 is a “bad” review score. (Short answer: They’re idiots!)
      • Letters – Readers share their thoughts on when it’s OK to spoil and how Half-Life 2: Episode Two is really just a game of “defend the flag!”
      • Start – Batman gets Lego-ized, Sam & Max gets a second season, Lost gets…uh, lost, and shooter savants get their grubby mitts on your hard-earned cash.
      • Extend – While casual games columnist Robert Coffey rocks out with a handy Guitar Hero alternative, MMO columnist Cindy Yans tries her hand at crafting, and Tom and Bruce go head-to-head in Armageddon Empires.
      • Tech – “Which graphics card to I buy?” is an age-old question among gamers. We address it in this month’s Tech section – and the answers may surprise you.
    • Greenspeak – In 2009, editor-in-chief Jeff Green is going to resolve to be less of a jerk. Too late for this issue, though, in which he offers New Year’s resolutions for everyone but himself!

    …and more!

  • Games for Windows (June 2007)


    Source: Computer & Video Game Magazines – Games for Windows – June 2007

    Games for Windows was the successor to Computer Gaming World and at just over a decade old, it barely fits the criteria for “retro” (my criteria anyway).

    The June 2007 issue includes:

      • Editorial – You may wonder why we’re doing another World of WarCraft cover. Our senile editor-in-chief tries to focus long enough to explain why. However, deep inside, he’s really just thinking about chocolate. And marbles.
      • Letters – Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to reader mail.
      • Start – We’ve got the scoop on Hellgate: London’s MMO-style subscription scheme – and why it’s not an MMO – along with Mythos, the free online game that Hellgate spawned. Plus: Spore goes under the microscope; flight-sim wizard Oleg Maddox shares his secrets; and how to score some free games.
      • GFW Live – We sit down with Microsoft Games head honcho Peter Moore to discuss bringing Live to the PC. Is there more to it than Halo 2 Achievements and Shadowrun?
      • Inside Blizzard’s World of WarCraft – Behind closed doors at Blizzard, we learn stories about the creation of the most successful MMO to date. Plus, get the early word on the game’s newest content.
      • Extend – Our angry reviews editor offers up some constructive criticism of Guild Wars, our casual-games columnist gets hooked on PopCap’s Preggle Deluxe, and our favorite dueling duo wages war in Command & Conquer 3.
      • Reviews – At long last, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl makes its way out of development hell…and it’s worth the wait. Also this month: The Elder Scrolls IV world gets a little bit bigger thanks to the all-new Shivering Isles expansion, and Christmas comes early for flight-sim geeks in the form of IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946.
      • Tech – Eager to play PC games on the go? This month, our second installment in a three-part series breaks down everything you need to know before you buy a mobile gaming rig.
    • Greenspeak – The world’s foremost expert on fun finally shares his theories on the subject. We’re expecting a Pulitzer.