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  • Galactic Attack (TRS-80 Color Computer)

    Galactic Attack (TRS-80 Color Computer)


    Radio Shack had a confusing array of similarly named, incompatible computers. The Color Computer (of which there were three models, each of which was mostly backwards compatible) was probably the most successful. There were a wide variety of games released for the Color Computer though most were marketed by Radio Shack themselves and were highly derivative of other popular games. They weren’t necessarily of low quality (though many were) but most were clones of more popular games of the time.

    Galactic Attack is one such game. It is essentially a Galaxian clone but with less variety. All of the enemies look like Tie Fighters and is essentially just their speed that changes from level to level. The graphics are not great but I suppose that for 1982 they are pretty average. There was definitely much better stuff on the Atari 8-bit computers and even the VIC-20 at the time though.

  •  Compute! (July 1984)


    Source: Compute! – Issue Number 50 – July 1984

    If there was a home computer available in the U.S. (and there were a lot of them) then Compute! covered it at some point. The July 1984 issue of Compute! includes:


    • Evolutionary to the Core: The Apple IIc Heads for Home
    • How to Choose A Home Data Program
    • The ABC’s of Data Bases
    • The Promise of Things to Come: Atari’s New Lease on Life

    Education and Recreation

    • Statistics for Nonstaticians
    • Bunny Hop
    • Blueberries


    • M’File for the Commodore 64
    • AtariWriter

    Columns and Departments

    • The Editor’s Notes
    • Readers’ Feedback
    • The World Inside The Computer: Computing Together
    • The Beginner’s Page: Trapping Bugs
    • Computers and Society: Technostress
    • Learning with Computers: The Computer Speaks, But Will It Listen?
    • INSIGHT: Atari
    • 64 Explorer
    • Machine Language: Decimal Mode, Part 1
    • Programming the TI: Programming Techniques in TI BASIC

    The Journal

    • Atari Artist
    • Programming 64 Sound, Part 2
    • Applesoft Lister
    • Program Conversion With Sinclair BASIC and TI BASIC
    • Commodore 64 ROM Generations
    • Atari MacroDOS: Part 2
    • Commodore Garbage Collection, Part 2

    …and more!

  • K-Power (March 1984)


    Source: K-Power – Issue Number 2 – March 1984

    K-Power was a short-lived magazine by Scholastic oriented towards kids and teens but it had a lot of good content.

    The March 1984 issue includes:


    • Computer Camp-Out – Everything you always wanted to know about camps but were afraid to ask: Where’s a hacker camp in your area, how to be a counselor and get financial aid.
    • Famous Hackers In History – The first computer wasn’t the PC, it was the CC (Cave Computer).
    • Pinball Bounces Back – Some great computer software (with beeps, buzzers, and bounce) show that flippers are still flapping in living rooms everywhere.
    • Computer Rock & Scroll – A roundup of the latest music software for your computer. Plus, the Talking Heads talk music software.
    • Will Harvey & His Music Construction Set – Meet the creator of the most talked-about music software around.
    • Program Along With Joey Ramone – Joey visited K-Power offices and gave us the go-ahead to program his song “Slug” into the computer. Play it!


    • Hacker Heaven – There’s a program here for your computer.
    • Programs – Boooo-o, snore, or ha-ha. What kind of audience response will Your Comedy Debut get?
    • Pixel That! – Pick up the tricks of the computer art trade for your C 64.
    • Puzzle Power – A puzzling ancient disk game that makes you think twice.


    • Screening Room – Software reviews, strategy, and the latest in new products.
    • Rating Game – Reviews and views on Murder by the Dozen, Major League Hockey, Repton, Murder on the Zinderneuf, and more.
    • Strategy – Aaaaargh! It’s The Bilestoad!
    • Rising Stars – Preview the Timex 2068 and meet Chip, the stuffed computer.


    • Editor’s Note
    • Compuzine – K-Power’s computer-news mag.
    • Scrolling in Dough – It’s breezy and warm for 18-year-old weatherman Lee Smith.
    • Silicon Alley – Ready for the hottest scoops from the Valley?
    • Dr. Kursor’s Klinic – Which computers have music capabilities; how a light pen works.
    • K-Net – K-Power’s network talks about the coming computer age.
    • Contest – Send us a 10-line encoder/decoder program, and win a K-Pow