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  • NAKI Lunar Gun


    Source: Electronic Gaming Monthly – Issue Number 97 – August 1997

    The third party controller market seemed to peak in the 16-bit era but there were plenty of third party controllers in the 32-bit era and even today. This particular ad is for a company called NAKI that developed controllers and other accessories. However, the latest stuff I could find from them is for the PS2.

    This ad is highlighting a gun controller by NAKI for the PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and Nintendo 64 called the Lunar Gun. What is unique about this particular gun is that there was also an optional accessory for it called the Red Sight Laser Target System. That’s a pretty fancy name for something that basically amounted to a laser pointer. In theory, it makes it easier to hit what you are aiming for because, just like a laser sight on a real gun, you just have to put the red dot on what you are trying to hit.

    Overall, the Lunar Gun was a pretty good choice if you needed a light gun. It’s main competition was the Justifier and while that one is better known, the Lunar Gun has more options like auto-reload, easy (three round burst) and a laser sight among others. My one problem with it is philosophical. I’m not sure I could see buying an accessory for my accessory. I couldn’t find prices but i’m guessing the price of the Red Sight Laser Target System was not trivial making the combined price of the gun pretty hefty. It would have been nice if they could have just made a slightly more expensive gun and included the laser. They probably felt that they couldn’t have competed on price with the Justifier that way and that once they suckered you in with the gun then you would want to buy the laser anyway. No doubt the gun packaging includes advertising for it.

    This ad is from the August 1997 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly.

  • Bubsy II


    Source: EGM 2 – Issue Number 5 – November 1994

    Bubsy II is the aptly named sequel to Bubsy and was released in 1994. Bubsy II, like its predecessor, is a 2D side-scrolling platform game of the type common in the 8 and 16-bit eras. Gameplay in the second game was much the same as it was in the first. Bubsy II was available originally for the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and Game Boy.

    The Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis versions are virtually identical so either is a good choice if you are looking for this game. The Game Boy version is quite a bit different with completely different level design. Given the motion blur, this isn’t really the kind of game I would choose to play on that system anyway. Bubsy II generally got good reviews (except for the Game Boy version) though there were complaints it wasn’t different enough from the first games. There were some improvements, including a two player mode and the game is generally better than the first though level design could have been better. The main appeal of these games was Bubsy’s personality anyway.


    Bubsy II (along with the original) was released in 2015 on Steam. This version uses an emulation of the Super Nintendo version so it is identical in every way that matters. If you are not an owner of the original hardware then this offers an easy way to play. If you do have original hardware, the cartridges aren’t difficult to find or too expensive either.

  • Mega Play (November 1990)


    Source: Mega Play – Number 1 – November 1990

    Mega Play was a relatively short-lived magazine dedicated to the Sega video games. Mostly the Genesis but also the Game Gear and Master System. It started life as an insert in Electronic Gaming Monthly and was fairly short at about 32 pages for a typical issue as I recall. The first issue from November 1990 includes:

    • On The Horizon – The place to look for upcoming information on new Sega products, peripherals and info! In this issue we take a super-secret look at the Sega Game Gear portable game system. This remarkable device not only boasts new hardware capable of playing all new, ultra-enhanced games, it will also become a Master System and even a television!
    • New From Japan – Our globe-trotting Sega ambassador delivers a full spread on the third installment of the Phantasy Star series! Phantasy Star 3 follows in the footsteps of the 16-Bit sequel with an all-new adventure filled with better graphics, more puzzles and new characters.
    • The Winners Corner – The one-stop resource for all the best Sega tips and tricks! Check out the debugs, level selects and other secret tips uncovered by our pros and find out how super-stars like you can win big with your own strategies!
    • Mega Previews – The first word on Sega video games! Learn about all the new 8-Bit and 16-Bit titles soon to be released, as well as sneak peeks on hot games like Buster Douglas Knockout Boxing, Darwin 4081, Mondu’s Fight Palace, The New Zealand Story and more!
    • Mega Features – Check out these super-spreads on the mega-hits of tomorrow! Super Monaco GP, Pat Riley Basketball, After Burner 2, Target Earth, Vermilion, Aerial Assault, E-Swat, RC Grand Prix and more are detailed with tons of photos and plenty of playing tips!
    • Mega Reviews – Check out what our pros think of the latest Sega releases. Get the honest scoop from four of the best Sega fans around, as they pull no punches to bring you all you need to find out which 16-Bit and 8-Bit titles are the best.

    …and more!