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  • Electronic Gaming Monthly (July 2001)


    Source: Electronic Gaming Monthly – Issue Number 144 – July 2001

    For a long time, Electronic Gaming Monthly was the most popular video games magazine around. It was one of the better ones too. By 2001 they were probably already past their peak (at least in terms of page count) but there were a ton of systems to cover. The July 2001 issue includes:


      • Game Boy Advances – Here it is: The ultimate guide to Nintendo’s ultimate handheld. We do the usual stuff, such as review the launch games and preview everything else. But, whazzat? You say you wanna know which battery brand lasts longest? How much abuse the system can take? Which multiplayer games are worth getting? We answer all that and more…
      • EGM’s Summer Double-Feature Feature – The billion-buck movie and games bizes are colliding in a big way this summer, so we trekked to the sets of Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy to see if game flicks wi