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  • Old Computer Problems #1

    Pentium 4 motherboard showing signs of capacitor problems.


    Anybody who collects or uses old computers knows there are a variety of problems you can come across. Heck, even modern computers have some of these issues. Over the years, I think the most common problems I have run across are power supply related. Bad hard drives are pretty common too but those are the easiest to figure out. Bad memory can be a problem but personally, I don’t think I have ever run across a problem that was caused by bad memory though there always seems to be a lot of emphasis on that possibility. Then there are the harder problems to figure out…

    Sometimes a computer will become unstable and spontaneously reboot or freeze periodically. A bad power supply can cause this sort of thing but that’s not always the case and from there the problem can get harder to diagnose.

    A number of years ago due to safety concerns and changes in the law, most solder changed to a lead free formula. Early implementations (and I’m still not sure the problem has been completely resolved) could crack due to heat stresses. Older Core 2