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  • Mega Drive Advanced Gaming (November 1992)

    Source: Mega Drive Advanced Gaming – Issue Number 3 – November 1992

    Sega Mega Drive Advanced Gaming is a magazine that was dedicated to the Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive as it was known elsewhere) and published in the U.K. The November 1992 issue includes:

    • CD Feature – We tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the Mega Drive CD ROM system but were afraid to ask. What games can you look forward to? How does it work? Just read on…
    • Comic Culture – Japanese comic culture looks set to take over the world! We see how one of the world’s largest mass market publishing phenomena affects the Mega Drive.
    • Regulars

    • News – Final Fight, Land Stalker, Shadow of the Beast II, Road Rash II, Sensible Soccer, John Madden ’93…
    • Star Play – British Formula One driver Johnny Herbert takes a look at Ayrton Senna’s Super Monaco GP II.
    • Oop Yer Way – This month we subject the customers of the Virgin Megastore in London to our interrogation.
    • Mega File – The best and the worst of the beat’em-up genre are explored this month in full gory glory.
    • Megaphone – Not satisfied with proving just how totally illiterate they are, our readers now feel the need for a more artistic outlet. Scribblings and scrawlings galore!

    Players’ Guide

    • Ayrton Senna’s Super Monaco – Four pages of guidance for this tricky little racing game. All of the maps and tactics you’ll need to be world champ!
    • Batman – Check out our complete solution to the Caped Crusader’s first platform beat’em-up bout on the Mega Drive.
    • Dungeons and Dragons – Gerry and Dave’s two part epic guide begins this month with the initial stages of this massive game. Maps and tips galore!
    • Krusty’s Super Fun House – Enlisting the help of Control’s Mr. Simmons we endeavor to bring you the definitive guide to Krusty’s rat bashing puzzler.
    • The Terminator – Uzi 9mm…Sorry, what I meant was here’s everything you’ll need to complete Virgin’s Arnie basher.

    Games Inside

    • Alien 3
    • Aquabatics
    • Galahad
    • Gods
    • Greendog
    • Indiana Jones
    • LHX Attack Chopper
    • MEGA-lo-MANIA
    • NHLA Hockey ’93
    • Powerball
    • Predator II
    • Side Pocket
    • Thunder Storm FX

    …and more!

  • EDGE (December 1993)

    Source: EDGE – Issue Number 3 – December 1993

    Edge is a video game magazine published in the U.K. It is a very long running magazine (at least for video game magazines). The first issue was published in 1993 and it is still being published. The December 1993 issue includes:

    • News – 3DO hits the streets, Jaguar licensees announced, Edge has the latest on the world of video gaming.
    • Charts – Think of it as a guide to the games market. We show the games that are selling best worldwide.
    • Prescreen – After tracking down the best new games on all formats. Edge’s investigation team reports back.
    • Competition – Win a brilliant Acorn A3010 with a bundle of games and a printer. Just answer one question…
    • Release dates – You know what you want, you know where to get it. Here’s when you can expect it to appear.
    • Rise Of The Robots – The ultimate beat ’em up, or just Street Fighter clone? Edge profiles the real mean machines.
    • Virtual Reality – Opening the doors of perception, and charting new realms. Edge explores the real world of VR.
    • Game genres – This may be the age of new hardware, but games haven’t changed since the 80s. Find out way…
    • Supergun