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  • JoyStik (December 1983)


    Source: JoyStik – December 1983

    JoyStik is another one in a long line of short-lived early 1980s video games magazines. Joystick covered arcade games as well as home video and computer games with an emphasis on video game strategies. The December 1983 issue includes:


    • Mastering Blaster – The latest offering from Williams Electronics is another colorful, fast-paced action game by Vid Kidz, designers of Stargate and Robotron. This exclusive JoyStik preview includes helpful hints for all 30 screens.

    Winning Edge

    • Millipede: The Bugs are Back…Again – Last issue we showed you how to play Millipede. This time, Eric Ginner explains how to beat it – as the former world record holder, he ought to know.

    Arcade Game Features

    • Conquering Crystal Castles – Tips for all ten levels, including the secret warps.
    • The Underground World of Mr. Do!
    • Flying High in Gyruss – World champion Ben Gold presents patterns for every planet.
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