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  • Comic Book Review – The X-Files #8

    Tony Black reviews The X-Files #8…

    xfiles_2016_08-pr-1“Came Back Haunted,” Part 3 of 4: In search of Mulder, Scully travels to Europe where each uncovers unpleasant secrets. And what connection does Firas Ben-Brahim have to both?

    The penultimate issue of ‘Came Back Haunted’, Joe Harris’ first four-part story for The X-Files revival tie-in comic series, manages to balance that tricky combination of narrative forward momentum with a certain level of answers to the mysteries he’s been establishing over the tale so far. Mulder had last been possessed by a strange, possibly alien force and headed off to Hungary where he was brought into a mysterious work camp, while Scully continued to circle around the orbit of the charming, enigmatic philanthropist Firas Ben-Brahim, seemingly the key to a mystery which now not only more clearly connects to ‘Active Shooter’, the first story in the revival comics, but also may directly link into the classic series mytharc in an unexpected way. Matthew Dow Smith even manages to sneak in, via his panels, a very clear wink to another popular show too.

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