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  • Disney’s Beauty and the Beast: Belle’s Quest for the Sega Genesis

    Advertisement for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast: Belle’s Quest by SunSoft for the Sega Genesis from the January 1994 issue of GameFan

    Disney’s Beauty and the Beast: Belle’s Quest was released in 1993 by Sunsoft for the Sega Genesis. This was one of a relative few games of the time that was targeted toward the young girl demographic. Unfortunately, as is common with many licensed games, this one is not so great.

    Disney licesnes are often the exception to the rule when it comes to judging such games. However, Belle’s Quest is more in line with expectations. Still, even though it isn’t a great game, it is probably better than about 90% of other games based on licensed properties and reviewers had mixed opinions.

    Belle’s Quest is a fairly typical side-scrolling platform game. The graphics are quite good and some of the in between level mini-games are mildly entertaining but beyond that, there isn’t much to say. The music is not great and the objectives tend to be not very interesting. I would think young kids would get frustrated pretty quickly by having to constantly dodge passing ani