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  • Super Double Dragon (Super Nintendo, 1992)

    Super Double Dragon (SNES, 1992)


    While the first couple of Double Dragon games started life as arcade games, Super Double Dragon was developed exclusively for the Super Nintendo. Reviews for this game are truly wildly mixed. It was a fairly early release for the SNES, it having only been released the year before. Graphically, it was a huge improvement over older games in the series but it still didn’t take full advantage of the SNES. The biggest complaint is that the gameplay is very repetitive and gets boring quickly.

    Due to time constraints, Super Double Dragon didn’t have everything originally intended by the developer. There were supposed to have been cut scenes that would have added in-game plot, more traps and obstaces, and another boss among other things. This probalby would have helped at least some with the perceived repetitive nature of the game.

    This was the last Double Dragon game produced by the original team at Technos and while earlier games in the series have been remade or otherwise re-released for other systems, a Super Nintendo or emulation thereof remains the only way to play Super Double Dragon.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Sega Genesis)

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992)


  • Computer Gaming World – December 1992

    Computer Gaming World, Issue Number 101, December 1992


    Source: Computer Gaming World – Issue Number 101 – December 1992

    Computer Gaming World was the best computer games magazine there was, at least for PC games though it covered other computers as well. In the early 1990s it was just hitting its stride. The December 1992 issue includes:


    • The Buzz over Buzz – Interplay’s Race for Space Rockets Forward
    • The Holiday Helper for Software Shoppers – The Annual CGW Holiday Buying Guide
    • A Matter of Course (Design) – Part II in a Series on Course Design for Jack Nicklaus Signature Edition
    • EA’s John Madden II vs. Konami’s NFL – Jason Brooks Referees a Gridiron Showdown
    • “Hello Poetry Lovers…” – A Fireside Reading of CGW’s Readers-Turned-Poets
    • Moving Heaven & Earth – Proving That Disney Really Owns the Rights to Everything
    • The Politics of SPA – Washington D.C. Serves as the Site of Sights
    • All That Glitters is Not Boxed – Chuck Miller Launches a New Shareware Column
    • Cruise for a Corpse has the Cast Adrift – U.S. Gold Spotlights a Dead Man’s Float
    • Setting Tables in the Darklands – Survival Guide Information for Calculating Adventures
    • Gaming the Night Fantastic on The Sierra Network – The Live, Real Time, On-Line Gaming Network Expands its Frontiers
    • Seeing Mantis Means It’s Time to Prey – MicroPlay’s Space Combat Game: Threat or Mantis?
    • Kicking ‘Bots and Taking Frames – Maxis’ Robosport Meets a Well Oiled Reviewer in Jimbo Cooper
    • The Worm Turns in Dune II – Virgin’s Latest Resembles SimCity Wargaming in a Sandbox
    • Getting Off on Floor 13 May Prove Unlucky – A cloaked Charles Ardai Leve