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  • Enter, Issue Number 11, October 1984

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    The October 1984 issue of Enter. This was a magazine associated with Children’s Television Workshop and covered the popular 8-bit computers of the day.

    Enter, a magazine associated with Children’s Television Workshop, was a relatively short-lived 1980s computer magazine oriented towards kids/teens. It is somewhat similar to another short-lived 1980s magazine called K-Power by Scholastic. The October 1984 issue of Enter includes:


    • Life On-Line – Welcome to the world of computer networking. A first-hand look at how people across the country are communicating with each other by computer. Plus, a kid’s view of the on-line life.
    • Plugging In – ENTER’s step-by-step guide for getting on-line. Find out about modems, baud rate and on-line services that offer information, games and a whole lot more. Plus a 12-year-old Sysop’s own story.
    • Martina’s High-Tech Trainer – A special computer program is helping international tennis great Martina Navratilova get an on-court advantage. Now she’s better than ever.
    • Is There A Robot In The House? – There is in the D’Ignazio family – and it has changed home life in some unpredictable ways. Visit the D’Ignazios and see what it’s like to have a robot around the house.
    • Computers Go To College – High technology meets higher education. Come along with Lisa Partch and Kathy Dawes during their first year on an all-computer college campus.


    • Feedback – Readers write.
    • Bits – A byte of news briefs.
    • Ask Enter – Our Help-Line.
    • Random Access – Nerds?
    • User Views – Game reviews.
    • Software Scanner – Reviews.
    • Newsbeat – Computer news.
    • Showbeat – High-Tech Showbiz.
    • Pacesetters – Musa Mustafa, 17, computer animator.
    • Connections – News to use.
    • Pencil Crunchers – Maze. Micro-Words.
    • Input – Your Opinions.


    • BASIC Training – Programs for nine computers.
    • BASIC Recommends – A book full of game programs.
    • BASIC Glossary – Vocabulary.
    • BASIC Plus – Debugging.

  • ST-Log Issue Number 10, January 1987

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    The January 1987 issue of ST-Log,The Atari ST Monthly Magazine – http://pinterest.com/pin/106186503685057722/