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  • Antic: The Atari Resource, April 1985

    Antic: The Atari Resource, April 1985

    Antic was primarily an Atari 8-bit magazine but through part of its life it covered both the Atari 8-bit line and the Atari ST. This was the case in April 1985 when the Atari ST was still brand new.

    The April 1985 issue of Antic includes the following:


    • First Look At The New Super Ataris – Inside the new 16-bit 512K Atari computer – and more!
    • Robot Update – Latest robot-Atari interface news.
    • Expert Systems – Antic’s first look at artificial intelligence
    • The Eight Queens Problem – Your Atari’s brute strength solution (Type-In Software)
    • ’84 Tax Spreadsheet Update – SynCalc tax preparation follow-up (Type-In Software)
    • Secret Agent – Automatic secret code program! (Type-In Software)
    • Dot Matrix Digitizer – Your printer can digitize photos! (Type-In Software)
    • Splash In Action! – Demo of ACTION! vs. BASIC (Type-In Software)
    • Speech Editor – Menu-driven S.A.M. talk! (Type-In Software)
    • Picture Show – “Price’s Picture Painter” gets friendlier! (Type-In Software)


    • Communications – Welcome To Antic Online
    • Starting Out – Why You Want DOS 2
    • Profile – Atari’s Founder Goes Robotic
    • Toolbox – Parallel Bus, Revealed (Type-In Software)
    • Game of the Month – Maneuver (Type-In Software)
    • Bonus Game – Crazy Eights! (Type-In Software)

    …and more!

  • Antic, July 1985

    Antic, July 1985