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  • Hardcore Computing, Issue Number 2

    Hardcore Computing, Issue Number 2

    Hardcore Computing was a magazine that primarily covered the Apple II and had an emphasis on defeating copy protection. However, it also dealt with other technical issues. In it’s later days it also covered some other machines including the PC and Mac but the second issue was very early on and only covered the Apple II and II+. These were the only two Apple models available at the time.

    Volume 1, Number 2 from 1981 included the following:


    • READER INPUT – Letters to HardCore Computing
    • A Few Words From The Publisher – HardCore Computing v.s. Copy Protection
    • EDITORIAL – What exactly is a program
    • Guest Opinion – Piracy on the High Keys by Art Cohl
    • Commentary – Software Piracy…the Other Side
    • REBUTTAL – A letter from Val Golding
    • LEGAL FORUM – Consumers, Computers, and the Law
    • Review – Nibbles Away, another ‘bit’ copier
    • Using Both Sides of Diskettes – Review of The Scanner and Disk Prep
    • Adventure Tips – Ootopos, Ultima, and the Eamon series
    • Questions and Answers – Some problems with Demuffin and Surgery
    • Modular Adventure-arcade Game – Introducing the Maze Concepts
    • Expanded DISKLOCKS – How to copy-protect your disks
    • SOFTKEY part 2 – How to back up copy-protected disks
    • SoftKey to Integer Programs – Integer program pointers
    • New SoftKey MUFFINS – How to make Muffin13 and Muffin16
    • APPLE SOFTIES – Text-Invaders 2.0
    • CHR$(4) – Utility Nibbler – DiskView 1.0
    • Hardware Solutions – Curing those auto-start ROM blues
    • HGR: Huey’s Hi-res Corner – Artist’s Easle
    • Book Review – B.J. Korites: Graphic Software for Microcomputers
    • My First “Real” Program – Amber’s T’s
    • Special Listing – updated DiskEdit 2.1
    • HardCore Program Library – the Honor Royalty System


    • Utility: DiskEdit 2.1 (A-Soft) – a disk editing tool used to “free” locked programs
    • Utility: DiskView 1.0 (A-Soft) – a disk viewing tool used to examine copy-protected disks
    • Art: Artist’s Easel (A-Soft) – a screen drawing tool to create graphics in hi-res
    • Game: Amber’s T’s (A-Soft) – Elementary winner-determining lo-res Tic Tac Toe
    • Game: Text Invaders 2.0 (A-Soft) – Invader-type game played on the Text page
    • Game: Relief Mapper 1.0 (A-Soft) – Module to create 3-D Mountainous Islands

    …and more!