Electronic Games (September 1982)

Source: Electronic Games – September 1982

Electronic Games is really the granddaddy of video game magazines. It didn’t last as long as it should have because of the video game crash but it would set the stage for all the video gaming magazines to come. The September 1982 issue includes:

  • Switch On!
  • Electronic Games Hotline
  • Q&A
  • Test Lab – The joys of interference free aren’t as far out of reach as you may think.
  • Better Control For Your Games – It don’t mean a thing if your controller has no zing. Improve your play and increase enjoyment with these special command input devices.
  • Strategy Session – Our home arcading champion gives pointers on popular cartridges.
  • Inside Gaming – Here’s the whole story of Edu-Ware’s The Prisoner from designer David Mullich.
  • Feature: Pop Culture Meets Electronic Gaming – They’re making games out of movies and movies out of games.
  • Special Section: The Players Guide to Electronic Maze Games – The lure of the labyrinth is proving irresistible to most arcaders. Here’s a rundown of the best.
  • Computer Playland – A probing look at the newest games for popular microcomputers.
  • Insert Coin Here – EG’s critic gives his verdict on Robotron, Fantasy and Loco Motion – and takes a second peek at Zaxxon.
  • Arcade America – It’s gaming in paradise – a trip to Hawaii’s fanciest commercial arcade.
  • Passport to Adventure – Kabul Spy sends would-be agents on a “mission impossible” to the mysterious land of Afghanistan.
  • Coin-Op Classroom – If you’ve mastered Defender, how about its sequel, Stargate?
  • Games Library
  • Feature: The Illustrated History of Pinball – From the original bagatelle to the hot flipperless tables and hybrids.
  • Mini-Arcade Gallery – Enter the world of programmable stand-alone games.
  • Oh! Oh! Othello! – You’ll flip over the electronic version of this fast-paced disk-flipping contest.
  • Programmable Paradise – Our paif of videogame experts weighs the best – and worst – of the new videogame cartridges.
  • Stand-Alone Scene
  • Reader Poll

…and more!