Deluxe Paint I (Amiga)

Deluxe Paint I (Amiga)

Did you ever wonder how game developers make artwork for their games? Well, at least in the 1980s and much of the 1990s, that answer was often Deluxe Paint (or DPaint). Deluxe paint is a bitmap graphics editor that was first released for the Amiga shortly after that platform was introduced in 1985. The Amiga 1000 was the first computer that could run Deluxe Paint.

Deluxe Paint was produced by Electronic Arts and was originally an internal tool used by EA for their own games. As features were added, it was decided to release it as a commercial product when the Amiga was released. A PC/DOS version was released in 1988 and it became the defacto standard for many PC games.

New versions of Deluxe Paint would be released up until 1995 when Deluxe Paint 5 was released for the Amiga. The PC version never made it past version 2 for some reason but there were different versions of version 2. The first release for PC was Deluxe Paint II in 1988, then Deluxe Paint II Enhanced in 1989 and finally, the most popular version, Deluxe Paint II Enhanced 2.0.

Amiga releases included Deluxe Paint I in 1985, Deluxe Paint II in 1986, Deluxe Paint III in 1988, Deluxe Paint IV in 1991, Deluxe Paint 4.5 AGA (commissioned by Commodore) in 1993 and finally, Deluxe Paint V in 1995. If you are looking to make games for the Amiga or even other platforms like the Commodore 64 or PC then this is still a good tool to use today in terms of creating the artwork.

Pictured above is the original Deluxe Paint running on an Amiga 1000.