Home Computer Magazine – Volume 5, Number 2

Source: Home Computer Magazine – Volume 5, Number 2

Home Computer Magazine was an early to mid 1980s computer magazine that covered Commodore, Apple, IBM, and Texas Instruments computers though it was born out of a magazine devoted exclusively to the TI-99/4A. Volume 5, issue 2 includes:


  • It Figures! – What does it do? How does it do it? It Figures!
  • Evacu-Pod – Pilot your Evacu-Pod to rescue miners on 4 other worlds.
  • Switch ‘n’ Spell – A spelling aid … with an entertaining twist.
  • Laserithmetic – Will math skills and laser blasts keep alien beasts at bay?
  • Organizer Reports – Flexibility and organization highlight your outline printouts.
  • Razzle Dazzle – Don’t just play with your 99/4A, play it, maestro.
  • What is CP/M? – Is this operating system headed for rebirth?
  • Apple Seedlings – Sort your ProDOS catalogs.
  • Commodore Hornblower – Inside the SID chip.
  • IBMpressions – Create 3-D surface drawings with BASIC.
  • Field & Screen: Using a Data Base System – A general introduction to using data bases – correctly.

Product Reviews

  • The Music of Sound: A Review of 4 Music/Sound Software Series with Keyboards for the C-64 – Creative fun with Commodore’s amazing sound capabilities.
  • Lost in CP/M Land: A Review of the Microsoft Premium Softcard IIe – Are we being too hard on the Softcard?
  • A CP/M Dawn for the TI-99/4A: A Review of Morning Star’s CP/M Package – Finally, the CP/M window is opened to 99/4A Users.
  • Spy vs Spy – Does the software capture the comic MADness?
  • AppleWorks – An easy-to-use integrated package reaches the home.
  • The Ancient Art of War – Here it’s okay to pick a fight.
  • Legacy II for the PCjr – Junior continues to grow in power.
  • The Factory – Punch, stripe, at rotate objects in your own factory.
  • Keys to Responsible Driving – Better than a driver’s manual?


  • Welcome to HCM
  • Inside/Outside HCM
  • On Screen
  • Letters to the Editor
  • HCM One Liners
  • HCM Review Criteria
  • Industry Watch
  • HCM Product News
  • Program Typing Guide
  • Program Listing Contents
  • DeBugs on Display
  • Home Computer Tech Notes:
    • Apple
    • Commodore
    • IBM
    • TI

…and more!