Atari Jaguar Ad (1995)

Electronic Gaming Monthly #76, Nov 95

This ad for the Atari Jaguar is from the November 1995 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly. By this point in time, the Jaguar had been out for about 2 years. The price was already dropping considerably (probably because the Saturn and PlayStation had been released by this point). For $300 you could have both the system and the CD add-on.

The Jaguar beat the PlayStation and Saturn to market by about a year and for that year it was the most powerful system you could buy. With some more effort put into software development, it probably could have kept up a little better too despite those systems being more powerful. However, Atari always seemed mostly stuck in the past when it came to software development.

There were some good games for the Jaguar but not many and they were no bargain as you can see from this ad. Cartridges made for more expensive games than CDs.