MacAddict (February 1997)


Source: MacAddict – Issue Number 6 – February 1997

MacAddict premiered not too long before Steve Jobs returned to Apple and the iMac and iBook were introduced. This led to a relative explosion in Apple’s popularity and was the perfect time for an enthusiast magazine geared toward the Mac to appear. The February 1997 issue includes:


  • Facing Up to Fonts – Our all-inclusive guide to fonts – how to install them, manage them, and use them; which ones are hot and which ones are not; where to find them, and more.
  • Just Your Type – Not satisfied with any of the fonts that are already out there? Feel like striking out on your own? Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your own font.
  • On the Road Again – Join us as we tool up the California coast, armed with four of the latest sub-$1,000 digital cameras and a big pot of coffee. Our mission? To find out just how well these cameras fare when taking vacation photos.
  • Quest for System 8 – Bored with the wait for System 8? Head out on your own quest with our board game. All you need to play is two people, some M&Ms, and a lot of time.
  • This Old Mac – Believe it or not, there’s a lot of life in that old Mac Plus yet. Check out the first in our series on putting older Macs to good use.

How To

  • Fix Bad Scans – If you’re scanning photos, then you’ve probably run across at least one of these five common problems. Here’s what to do next time you hit a snag.
  • Add Sound to a Web Page – So, your Web page looks great, it’s easy to navigate, and it’s got tons of super-useful information. Now we’ll show you how to add sounds.

Every Month

  • Editor’s Note – An interview with Apple’s Marco Landi and topical illuminations.
  • Letters – Ramblings, stories, and questions from our readers.
  • Get Info – More on upcoming System software, a 500MHz processor, clones of clones, and a dog of a contest.
  • Cravings – Six products we desire, crave, lust after, and really, really want.
  • Reviews – Photoshop 4, FreeHand 7, PowerBook 1400c, Avid Cinema, Abuse, and other long-awaited tools.
  • Ask Us – Solving audio CD problems, installing an internal hard drive, and how to use large monitors efficiently.
  • PowerPlay – Find out what it takes to make a successful port of a PC game.
  • Shut Down – Random and bizarre clippings from the world of Macs.

…and more!