RUN: The Commodore 64/128 User’s Guide (November 1989)


Source: RUN: The Commodore 64 128 User’s Guide – Issue Number 71 – November 1989

RUN was my favorite magazine dedicated to the Commodore 64 and it was also one of the longest lasting. The November 1989 issue of RUN includes:


  • Making an Impression with Printers – Looking for outstanding output at reasonable cost? Here’s some advice for potential printer purchasers.
  • The Nuts and Bolts of GEOS to RUN Paint – How to transfer geoPaint screens to RUN Paint with your C-64 or 128.
  • Friendly File Copier – Fast and menu-driven for ease of use, it works with any two Commodore-compatible drives and your C-64.
  • Caribe Bein’ – Create your own online character and mingle with others in QuantumLink’s new tropical hot spot.
  • Non-Habitat Forming – How Club Caribe came into being.
  • Build a Better Basic – Add a host of structured commands to your C-64’s built-in-Basic.
  • Wall Street 128 – Make and break fortunes with roller coaster price fluctuations in this C-128 stock market game.
  • Deep C-64 World – Turn your C-64 into an underwater wonder to delight your eyes in this colorful electronic aquarium.


  • RUNning Ruminations – RUN acquires Commodore Magazine.
  • Magic – The number-one column of hints and tips for performing Commodore computing wizardry.
  • News and New Products – Recent developments and releases in the world of Commodore computing.
  • Mail RUN – Readers tell about their unusual applications, and RUN solves the Case of the Jumping Pointer.
  • Software Gallery – Reviews of:
    • Hollywood Squares
    • Chomp!
    • Thunder Blade
    • RoboCop
    • Destroyer Escort
    • Baal
    • Sky Shark
  • Games Gallery – Take a high-speed chase to car-and-motorcycle racing fun and excitement!
  • Commodore Clinic – Answers to your questions about Commodore computing.
  • geoWatch – Benefit from this GEOS user’s experience and design your own fantastic fonts.
  • RUN’s Checksum Program – Run it right the first time.
  • Coming Attractions; List of Advertisers

…and more!