MacAddict (September 1996)


Source: MacAddict – Issue Number 1 – September 1996

MacAddict was a magazine for Macintosh computers that was roughly equivalent to something like Maximum PC (called “boot” at the time) for the PC. I was not a big fan of Macintosh computers at the time but I appreciate Power PC based Macs as retro machines today. MacAddict eventually became MacLife which is not as good as far as I can tell. The premiere issue of MacAddict from September 1996 includes:


  • Just What the Doctor Ordered – What has Apple’s new CEO done for you lately? MacAddict’s been keeping score. Here are 35 good deeds for which we can thank Dr. Gilbert Amelio.
  • Internet Visionary – Meet Larry Tesler, the man charged with plotting Apple’s Internet strategy. What will he do to make the Internet easier for you to use?
  • OpenDoc Rocks – We take you on a visual step-by-step tour of OpenDoc. Find out how it works and why it makes working with your Mac an almost-new experience.
  • Brave New Browsers – Believe it or not, Netscape Navigator isn’t the only browser in town. Should you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, NSCA Mosaic or Cyberdog instead?
  • Stand By Your Mac – Don’t let Windows users give you grief. Fight back with these 25 reasons why the Mac is still a better machine.

How To

  • Fake a Photo – How to create a photo that tells those little white lies.
  • Organize a Web Page – Lesson one in our “How You Too Can Become a Webmaster” series: Laying the foundations for the perfect home page.
  • Build a Home Network – Want to share files? A printer? A modem? Here’s how.

Every Month

  • Editor’s Note – Welcome to MacAddict.
  • Letters – What did you say? Are you talking to us?
  • Get Info – News, trends, trivia and answers to those nagging questions.
  • Cravings – We pick the products that are designed to make you drool.
  • Reviews – Power Computing clones, Bryce 2, Bad Mojo, the best and worst CD productions and kids’ software reviewed by real kids.
  • Ask Us – It’s better than calling the Apple support line. We offer counsel for all of your Macintosh Conundrums.
  • PowerPlay – Our in-depth game section takes you behind the lines of Spycraft, the espionage game. Teasers about the summer’s newest games, too!
  • Shut Down – The bulletin board of the random and the bizarre.

…and more!