Tips & Tricks (February 1997)


Source: Tips & Tricks – February 1997

Tips & Tricks ultimately evolved from VideoGames & Computer Entertainment which was my favorite magazine. However, while Tips & Tricks was more popular, it wasn’t really my cup of tea. As the title suggests, it emphasized game strategies, codes and other tricks which wasn’t really my favorite part of a magazine to begin with. The January 1993 issue includes:

  • Departments
    • Power Up!
    • Readers’ Tips
    • T&T Select Games
    • Game Genie/Game Shark codes
    • Letter from Betty
  • Strategy
    • Persona
    • Sonic 3D Blast
    • Virtua Fighter 3
  • Nintendo 64 tips
  • PlayStation tips
  • Saturn tips
  • Super NES tips
  • Genesis tips
  • Game Boy tips
  • Arcade tips

…and more!

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