Computer Play (October 1988)


Source: Computer Play – Issue Number 3 – October 1988

Though it seem relatively obscure today, Computer Play was once the only competition out there for Computer Gaming World. The October 1988 issue includes:


  • Editor’s Page – Thoughts about software piracy.
  • Letters – Our readers talk back.
  • Hints & Tips – Help with your favorite games.
  • Company Addresses – Software game manufacturers.
  • Scorecard – How we review games.
  • Marketplace – Display and classified advertising.
  • Coming Attractions – Next issue’s features.
  • Advertiser Index – Reader service information.


  • Industry News & Views – What’s new in the biz.
  • Channel Three – Nintendo and Sega news.
  • Snapshots – Brief looks at new (and old) games.
  • MacGames – Have fun with your Mac.


  • Unite China – Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
  • Beautiful Music – Jam Session helps you create.
  • Fencing Lessons – The challenge of Death Sword.
  • Terrorist Attacks – Skim the waves on Pegasus.
  • Rule the Skies – Hellcat Ace provides excitement.
  • Sports Special – Enter the world of sports games in a special section: John Elway’s Quarterback, Super Sunday, TV Football, Pro/NFL Challenge, GFL Football, GBA Basketball, Sporting News Baseball, Pete Rose Pennant Fever, Computerized Card Collecting, Hardball, RBI Baseball, Leader Board Golf, sports game listing.

…and more!