RUN (September 1985)


Source: RUN – Issue Number 21 – September 1985

RUN was one of the most popular Commodore 8-bit magazines. It had a pretty long run from the beginning of 1984 until the end of 1992. The September 1985 issue includes:


  • Meet the Amiga – The scoop on Commodore’s exciting new business and personal computer.
  • Fraction Action – Practice fractions with your own personal math tutor.
  • Commodores in the Classroom – An interview with Commodore’s Manager of Educational Marketing.
  • Commodore Launches A New Program – Commodore supports the Young Astronaut Program.
  • Short-Order Typist – This typing-tutor program is the toast of the town.
  • Are You Prepared for the SAT? – A look at the role that some available software may play in helping students to improve their scores.
  • Computers in Education – A stimulating discussion of the issues surrounding computer-assisted instruction.
  • UltraQuiz – Create and print out quizzes, questionnaires and other such goodies.
  • Telecommunications…TeleLearning – Find out about this on-line educational network through which you can even earn a college degree.
  • Commodore Helps Pay the Bills – Print professional-looking checks, a record of each entry and a running balance of your transactions.
  • 64 Perfect Typist – RUN’s long-awaited checksum program is finally here to ensure that all the programs you type in from RUN will work the first time without error.
  • Easy Assembler – This month, learn how to use some tools that simplify writing assembly language programs.
  • Keep Your Remarks To Yourself – For those times when you need a little more space and room, here’s a program that removes all those non-essential, memory-consuming REM statements.


  • RUNning Ruminations – Education, the Amiga and RUN’s checksum.
  • Magic – Hints and tips that help you perform computing wizardry.
  • Software Gallery
    • Script/Plus
    • Master of the Lamps
    • Kid Pro Quo
    • Mig Alley Ace
    • Trivia Plus
    • Racing Destruction Set
    • Sixth Sense
  • Hardware Gallery
    • Computereyes
    • Quick Data Drive
    • Hush 80 Printer
  • Commodore’s Service Network – Concluding the list of dealers in Commodore’s newly established network that brings service closer to home.
  • Mail RUN
  • New Products RUNdown
  • How to Type Listings
  • Coming Attractions

…and more!