The Fifth Element (PSX, 1998)

The Fifth Element (PSX, 1998)

If you are looking for a game that bucks the trend of terrible licensed movie properties then this is definitely not the one. When reviewers start saying things like this is the worst game they have ever played then you know it can’t be good. The game generally follows the outline of the movie but the control is bad, the camera terrible, and the A.I. equally below par. In addition to those problems, poor level design and monotonous puzzles add to the misery.

The Fifth Element was released in 1998 by Activision for the PlayStation and Windows. If you haven’t seen the movie with Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, Gary Oldman, and Chris Tucker among others then you definitely need to see it. It’s a great movie. Too bad the game doesn’t live up to it. I have not played the Windows version but it apparently got better reviews and may be worth a shot if you like the movie.

This is obviously not a game that would have ever been re-released. Neither the PlayStation nor the Windows version should be terribly hard to find or cost very much. The Windows version is definitely the one to go for in this case if you want to give it a try but I don’t know what kind of hoops you will have to jump through to get it working on a modern system.

Images above are from the PlayStation version of the game.