Antic (December 1985)


Source: Antic – December 1985

Antic was one of two popular magazines dedicated to the Atari 8-bit line of computers. Antic also had some coverage of the Atari ST at various times. The December 1985 issue includes the following:


  • Video Star Atari – Computereyes…plus other new graphics goodies
  • Behind the Scenes at Lucasfilm – New games from the Marin magic factory
  • Diskio Plus – Antic super-utility now even better
  • 4th Annual Shoppers Guide – 100 best products for your Atari
  • Proburner Review – Best EPROM burner on the market
  • Antic Catalog Goes to U.K. – Overseas readers get software bonanza

ST Section

  • 1st Annual ST Shoppers Guide
  • 4xForth Review – First serious language for ST users
  • Introducing 520ST Assembly Language – MC68000 tutorial
  • ST Logo Exploration – Mapping uncharted memory


  • Communications: BBS Crashbuster – Exorcise those evil online crashers
  • Assembly Language: Build Your Own EPROM Burner – Chip programming for $30
  • Game of the Month: Box-In – Lots classic from Biffdrop’s creator

…and much more!