Mecarobot Golf (Super Nintendo)

Mecarobot Golf (SNES, Toho, 1993)

If you like golf games, there were a number of good ones released for the Super Nintendo. This really isn’t one of them. Mecarobot Golf features an odd story about a robot who is discriminated against on the golf course. Somebody purchases Eagle (the robot) and builds a course for him to practice on. It is up to you to determine if robots or humans are the better golfers.

The Sound is pretty minimal and while the graphics feature a couple of interesting effects, overall they are pretty subpar. In Japan this game was endorsed by a famous Japanese golfer but when it was released in 1993 in North America, the robot got all of the credit. It really isn’t a terrible game but there were just so many better ones.

I don’t think this game had any sequels or any subsequent releases so if you want to play it you’ll have to break out your Super Nintendo and find an original cart. Or just resort to emulation. But unless you just want to see how the story ends, you will probably be better off picking from one of the better alternatives.