Antic – September 1986


Source: Antic – Volume 5, Number 5 – September 1986

Antic was a magazine for Atari 8-bit computers named after the ANTIC chip which was primarily responsible for the graphics in those machines. For a brief time in part of 1985 and 1986 Antic also covered the Atari ST until an ST specific magazine was published.

The September 1986 issue focusses on weather and includes the following:


  • Weather Maps From Space – For Atari 8-bit and ST computers
  • Weather Fascimile Worldwide – From satellites to ships at sea
  • Music Studio – Music for 8-bit Ataris and STs
  • Build the Wefax Interface
  • New Owners Column – Lesson 6: Subroutines
  • Wefax Decoder – How to use the program, why it works
  • BASIC Tracker – Powerful debugging utility for your programs
  • Where The Weather Comes From – Inside a National Weather Service Station
  • Weather Calculator – Meteorologist uses Atari as home forecasting tool

ST Resource

  • ST Wefax Decoder
  • – DEGAS graphics from satellite pictures

  • The Manager – Massive, full-featured database uses ST’s colors
  • ST Product News
  • Megamax – “Don’t even think about another C compiler”

…and more!