Review: Popful Mail (Sega CD)

Review of Popful Mail by Working Designs for the Sega CD from the May 1995 issue of Sega Visions.


Source: Sega Visions – May 1995

Popful Mail is another action RPG by Working Designs, the same company that released the Lunar and Vay games, among others. The Sega CD didn’t have a huge number of games and many of them are FMV crap but if you were a fan of the Working Designs’ action RPGs then it was a must have system, at least until Working Designs started developing these games for the PlayStation a few years later. Working Designs did a great job of exploiting the strengths of the Sega CD (massive storage for the time) to create lengthy RPGs with a good amount of nicely done animated sequences and voice acting.

I never got the impression that the oddly named Popful Mail was as good as the Lunar series but it is still a great game and it is a hard (expensive) game to come by today for the Sega CD. Above is a short review of the game from the May 1995 issue of Sega Visions and as you can see, it is all positive.

Popful Mail was also released on the Super Famicom, PC Engine CD and Windows platform but these were Japan only releases with no English translation. If you wanted the English version, the Sega CD was and remains the only way to get it.