Zaxxon 3D (Sega Master System)

Cover for Zaxxon 3D on the SEGA Master System.

Although it was forward scrolling as opposed to isometric like its arcade counterpart, Zaxxon 3-D did have the unique attribute of being in 3-D.

Zaxxon 3-D made use of the “SegaScope” 3-D glasses for the Sega Master System with your view being from behind your ship. While not required to play (the game could be played in 2-D mode), it did add playability to the game. It was much more difficult to gage distances without being in 3-D mode. The 3-D version added much more sense of depth.

Only six 3-D games were released for the SMS with Zaxxon being one of the earlier titles. The SMS was the first home consoles to provide 3-D gaming and while pretty crude by today’s standards it still worked rather well. Most of the few games released that made use of the SegaScope 3-D glasses made effective use of the 3-D effect. Unfortunately, the glasses are pretty hard to come by and will only work with the original model SMS (not the SMS II).