One Response to Computer Gaming World – Issue Number 7 – November 1982

  1. Throughout most of the 1980s all the way through the early 2000s Computer Gaming World was known mostly for its coverage of PC games (DOS and then Windows). It’s easy to forget how early they actually started. This issue is from November/December 1982. The PC, as in the ancestor of the Windows based computers we use today, wasn’t even introduced until the previous year and it was quite expensive as it was designed as a business machine. The IBM PC Jr., the first feeble attempt to market the PC as a home computer wasn’t introduced until 1984. In 1982, the PC was not the dominant platform for computer games. This issue of Computer Gaming World covers games for machines like the Atari 400/800, TRS-80 and Apple II.

    As you can see by the contents of this issue listed in part below, computer games in the early days consisted largely of strategy based games.

    The contents of this issue include:


    The History of a Wargame Design – From Idea to Royalties
    Japanese Strategy in Guadalcanal Campaign – How to win with the Japanese
    Four for the Atari – Four Games Reviewed
    Eastern Front: Scenario Options – Historical modifications you can make
    Star Maze – Review and Contest
    Legionnaire: Review and Analysis – Chris Crawford’s New Game
    Cytron Masters for Atari – Conversion Versus Upgrade
    Andromeda Conquest – Strategies and Rules Modifications
    Bungo Pete and the Wonder Bear – Two New Scenarios for Torpedo Fire
    Beyond Sargon II – Scenarios For Chess

    …and more!