Commodore 64 Commercial

Commodore 64 commercial from around Christmas 1987



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  1. This commercial would have been from around Christmas 1987. It is advertising the “new” Commodore 64 (also known as the Commodore 64C) that had been released a few months earlier.

    Functionally, it was identical to the original Commodore 64. The most notable difference was that the case was updated to a sleeker look. It was off-white instead of brown and stylistically matched the Commodore 128 that came out a couple years earlier. The internals were also updated somewhat as well. The functions of some chips were combined so that the chip count was lower which lowered production costs. Power usage was also lower and it made for a more reliable system.

    Since the look of the Commodore 64 was updated, the look of the peripherals had be updated as well. Who wants a brown disk drive with their new sleek looking off-white Commodore 64C? So around the same time the 1541-C disk drive was introduced, replacing the original 1541. This is the same drive in a different case that matched the Commodore 64C. A little over a year later the 1541-II was introduced. The big improvement with this one was that the power supply was moved to a small external brick outside the drive instead of being built-in. This made for a substantially smaller drive, reduced heat and increased reliability.

    My first computer was the Commodore 64C and I got the 1541-II a year later.