Joust Art by Hiro Kimura

Joust – art by Hiro Kimura (1983



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  1. Joust was an arcade game developed by Williams Electronics and released in 1982. The player or players control a knight riding a flying ostrich and battles against enemy knights riding buzzards. Despite the relatively unique control scheme at the time (press the butt to flap the wings) it was quite a successful game and was largely responsible for popularizing two player simultaneous play.

    The game was released on a number of home systems starting the following year with releases on the Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Atari 8-bit home computers, Atari Lynx, Atari ST, DOS, Macintosh and the NES. The artwork above was used for the box/label art on the Atari console versions of the game and possibly others.

    I never owned Joust for any home system but I remember playing the arcade game a few times. I also played a game called Dragonhawk on the Commodore 64 that was very similar.