One Response to Computer Gaming World – July 1989

  1. Computer Gaming World was THE computer gaming magazine for most of its life, at least if you had a PC. While it did cover other computers it always seemed to emphasize PC (DOS and later Windows) coverage particularly in regards to multi-platform games. It was an excellent magazine and had a very long life but had kind of a sad end. It was bought by Microsoft in 2006 and retitled ‘Games for Windows’. It only lasted another two years after that.

    The July 1987 issue included the following:


    Special Report: Trends in Computer Games – CGW Visits the Summer Consumer Electronic Show
    Air Traffic Control, Can You Handle It? – Wesson International’s ‘TRACON’
    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
    MacArthur’s War – SSG Simulates a ‘Police Action’
    Sniper! World War II Telegaming – Compuserve Has Your Number
    SSI’s Overrun! – Gary grigsby’s Modern Tactical Wargame
    Getting ‘The Scoop’ On The Competition – Spinnaker’s Murder Mystery
    Is VGA Worth It?
    Marbles From Hell – Psygnosis’ Ballistix is Addictive
    Cinemaware’s Lords of the Rising Sun – Shogun, Samurai, and Sex

    …and more!