Animaniacs – Super Nintendo

Animaniacs (SNES)

First of all, if you have never seen the Animaniacs you need to rent, download or whatever and watch at least several episodes before playing the game. Animaniacs was to me, the last cartoon series that really carried on the spirit of the older Bugs Bunny cartoons. The Animaniacs are awesome.

So the show is great, how is the game? Well, first of all there were two much different versions of the game. There was one version for the Super Nintendo and another for the Sega Genesis and Game Boy. Both were fairly typical side-scrolling 2D platform games but most everything else about the games was different.

The Genesis version came out about a month earlier than the Super Nintendo version in May 1994. It had excellent cartoony graphics and a plot that involved the Warner siblings (Yakko, Wakko, and Dot – the stars of the show) exploring various movie sets in Warner Bros. studios looking for items to sell in their new shop. However, once these items are collected, Pinky and the Brain (two white mice) steal them in order to take over the world (an ongoing theme of the show). The player must complete four levels (in any order) and then a fifth level where Pinky and the Brain must be fought. Each Warner sibling has their own special abilities. Graphics, gameplay were both good and the game did a good job of expressing the spirit of the show.


The Super Nintendo version is another story. While the graphics were also very good, gameplay leaves something to be desired. The gameplay is more simplistic but at the same time more frustrating. Control just isn’t as good in the SNES version and this may party be due to the decision to give it a 3D component. It was played from a slightly isometric point of view. The plot is also different though that’s not really the nature of the problem with this game. In the SNES version, your goal is to recover 24 pages of a movie script and foil Pinky and the Brain’s plans for taking over the world.

Super NES

The Game Boy version was ported from the Genesis version so it most resembles that one. However, the more limited nature of the Game Boy means this game really isn’t as good. While true Animaniacs fans may want to give them all a try, the Genesis version is clearly the superior version.