Electronic Gaming Monthly – Issue Number 21 – April 1991

Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 021 April 1991 page 001

Source: Electronic Gaming Monthly – Issue Number 21 – April 1991

Electronic Gaming Monthly wasn’t my favorite gaming magazine but it was a close second and it was one of the best around throughout the 1990s. Early 1991 was an exciting time. Both the Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx-16 had been released in the last year or so and most of the world was still awaiting the Super Nintendo. The original Nintendo was still king and new things were still being released for the Sega Master System. The Atari Lynx had also been recently released and was the first color portable though neither it nor the upcoming Game Gear could displace the Game Boy.

The April 1991 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly included the following:


  • Insert Coin – The Editor talks about how rumors affect the gaming industry.
  • Interface – Readers tell us what they like and don’t like in the mag.
  • Review Crew – No game is safe from the watchful eyes of the Crew!
  • Gaming Gossip – Quartermann opens his bag of gossip for the regular collection of industry insights.
  • International – The awesome Wanderers from Y’s is out in Japan, as are Verytex and Heavy Unit!
  • High Scores – Check out the latest Team contest and see who the big winner is that gets the exclusive team jacket!
  • Game Over – The credits roll for one of the most popular video games on the NES – Castlevania 3!


  • EG Express – EGM reveals new CD-ROM technology for the arcades and Super Fami!
  • Next Wave – Get a sneak peek at the new games of tomorrow for all machines!
  • Tricks of the Trade – Secret codes and tremendous tips that will blast you past the enemy and to higher scores!
  • Super Famicom Times – Check out Actrazer for Nintendo’s new 16-Bit powerhouse!
  • Behind the Screens – Bullet Proof Software tells all about the REAL story behind the Tetris licensing deal!
  • Arcade Express – Sush-X visits Chicago and discovers Konami’s new Simpsons coin-op!
  • Nintendo Player – EGM tracks Indy on his last crusade; and gets into something totally rad, dude.
  • Sega Matters – The Master System gets a facelift and new software!
  • Turbo Champ – It’s elementary my dear Watson! Help Sherlock solve 3 cases. On CD!
  • Outpost: Genesis – Blast off into outer space with Taito’s first 16 bit super soft – Sagaia! Outflank the enemy in Abrams Battle Tank and have fun with lighthearted Flicky!
  • Super Play – Five pages of maps and tips disclosing every detail in Natsume’s super hit – Shadow of the Ninja!
  • Cover – Atari’s Cyberball for the Lynx is only one of dozens of games detailed in the special 16 page Atari Adventure insert!