ANALOG Computing – February 1987


Source: ANALOG Computing – February 1987

ANALOG Computing was the most popular magazine for Atari 8-bit computers and a great magazine to have a subscription to if you had an Atari system. While it covered the 16-bit Atari ST some as well, ANALOG was always primarily a magazine for the 8-bit line. The 6th anniversary issue from February 1987 includes:


  • A History of ANALOG Computing – An inside look at our origins: why we did it and how we’ve spent the last six years here in Central New England.
  • The Tablet Typist – The easy way to add text to any of your own touch-pad generated pictures.
  • Slither – This month’s machine language game offering combines constant motion with the need for strategy and careful planning.
  • ICD Future – Not only has ICD been supporting the Atari 8-bit for a long time, they continue to do it in style as Matt found out.
  • Starlanes – Michael J. Fox imitators, this challenging game of interstellar stocks and bonds is playing your tune.
  • Keyboard Buffer – A type-ahead program giving your computer even more flexibility in performing its various tasks.
  • The BBK Monitor – This “permanent” monitor will take up residence in your computer’s RAM.
  • An Introduction to the Vertical Blank Interrupt – The secrets to those frequently-seen nifty programming tricks.
  • the System Rerun Button – “Rewire” your RESET key to rerun programs automatically.
  • ST Color Tuner – Achieve animation on the ST through simple color rotation.


  • BBS Express! – A new bulletin board system packed with value and features.
  • Panak strikes! – Chessmaster 2000 (Software Country) and the Top Gunner Collection (MicroProse) are the games reviewed this time.
  • The Great American Cross Country Road Race (Activision) – Race across America in this fast-playing simulation.
  • Atari Planetarium (Atari Corp.) – A fascinating, useful program with educational value, too.
  • MicroNet (Supra Corp.) – Lets up to eight Atari computers use one peripheral.
  • Family History (Direct Lines Software) – Use your computer for genealogical research and tracking.
  • Phantasie (SSI) – Take the lead in this fantasy, with graphic battles and magic.
  • Strip Poker (Artworx) – An 8-bit favorite comes to the ST – how does it look?


  • Editorial
  • Reader Comment
  • 8-bit News
  • Boot Camp
  • Scheduled Atari Fairs
  • Atari User Groups
  • The End User
  • M/L Editor
  • ST notes
  • Index to advertisers

…and more!




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