Electronic Gaming Monthly – Issue Number 28 – November 1991

Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 028 November 1991

Electronic Gaming Monthly – Issue Number 28 – November 1991

Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM for short) was one of the best gaming magazines of all time. The years between 1991 and 1996 or so were the best. I think the first issue I ever bought was the December 1991 issue so this is from just before then. The November 1991 issue includes:


  • Behind the Screens – EGM takes you to Japan for an exclusive look at the development and unveiling of the first Sega CD-ROM game!
  • Leading Edge – Get the first glance on all the newest games and latest technology from the coin-operated video game world! In the new regular feature to EGM, we’ll show you what’s new in the arcades and showcase the hot new graphics and game play that only coin-op can deliver! Be sure to grab your V.I.P. pass and visit the AMOA arcade game convention and dig into the first pix of Konami’s sizzling new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 arcade game! Could this be the 16-Bit home version – you be the judge!
  • Lynx Insert – Special to Atari Lynx owners, find a full 32-page mini-magazine with tips and previews of the latest games for the system! Must reading for every Lynx owner courtesy of Atari!
  • Neo-Geo Insert – Tons of games and a special contest on the only 24-Bit system on the market!
  • Super Play Pt. 1 – Blast through the latest adventure of ninja master Ryu Hayabusa in the third installment of the popular video game series. Tons of maps and tips will help you guide our hero to victory over the forces of evil!
  • Super Play Pt. 2 – The second chapter in our Sonic strategy blow-out brings you the next three levels of play as well as th etips you need to succeed! Let Sonic show you how!
  • Super Play Pt. 3 – Blast your way into the heart of Bydo Empire and come back alive with our first Super NES Super Play! Tons of maps and tips to help you defeat the alien enemy once and for all – 16-Bit style!


  • Insert Coin
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Review Crew
  • Software Calendar
  • Gaming Gossip
  • EG Express
  • International Outlook
  • Super Famicom
  • Next Wave
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Nintendo Player
  • Outpost: Sega
  • Nintendo Player
  • Turbo Champ
  • GameBoy Fan
  • High Scores

…and more!