One Response to IBM PCjr

  1. The IBM PCjr was IBMs first (and rather abysmal) attempt to enter the home computer market. While the IBM PC had come out a few years earlier, it was designed more as a small computer for businesses and was way too expensive to be a true competitor in the home market.

    The PCjr shared the same processor (4.77 mhz 8088) and BIOS as the original IBM PC so it was mostly compatible and the 128kb of memory was fairly average for the time. It would have made a reasonable solution for home users that absolutely needed PC compatibility had the keyboard, an infrared chicklet design, not been so horrible and if cheaper and better compatible clones were not introduced. For instance, the Tandy 1000 was a much better choice for a machine of this class. Despite being much cheaper than the PC, the PCjr was still priced at the high end of the home market and something like the Apple II at the same price was a much better deal or the Commodore 64 at a much lower price. It was also inferior for games compared to virtually every other home computer available.

    Not surprisingly, the PCjr was a flop and while PC compatibles ultimately took over the world, it wouldn’t be with the PCjr which was discontinued after only a little over a year on the market.