Gremlins 2 (Game Boy)

Gremlins 2 (Game Boy)

Gremlins 2 was a game developed and released for the Nintendo (NES) and Game Boy by Sunsoft in 1990 to coincide with the release of the movie of the same name. As with seemingly many games developed for multiple systems, these are really completely different games. The NES version is an isometric viewpoint action game while the Game Boy version is more of a traditional side-scrolling platform game.


The Game Boy version is a fairly typical platform action game featuring Gizmo (watch the movies if you don’t know who Gizmo is). Gizmo must avoid traps and enemies while using various weapons (everything from a pencil to a toolbox) against other Gremlins and other enemies such as spiders and rats. As far as platform games on the Game Boy go, this is actually a pretty decent one. Maybe not the best of the best but a definite must if you are a fan of Gremlins to begin with and still a decent title to add to your collection otherwise.

If you want to play this version then an actual cartridge or emulator are your only choices. This game was developed by the same company for the NES but it is a completely different game. Gremlins 2 was also developed for various home computers and while it is also a platform game, it isn’t the same as this one.

The ad above is for the Game Boy version of the game and appeared in the January 1991 issue of GamePro.