Videogaming Illustrated, April 1983

Videogaming Illustrated, April 1983

Videogaming Illustrated was a short-lived pre-crash video game magazine. It was a pretty decent magazine but like the few others, it just couldn’t survive the collapse of the video game market in the early 1980s. The April 1983 issue includes:

  • The Keyboard
  • Eye On
  • Focus On: Law and the Videogame
  • Close Up: Computers In Orbit
  • Fiction: User Deadly
  • Supergaming
  • Behind the Scenes: Dig Dug
  • Cinema: Videodrome
  • Conquering: Spiderman
  • Conquering: Tron Deadly Discs
  • Preview
  • Media Preview
  • Arcadia: Other Attractions
  • Conquering: Q*Bert
  • Conquering: Slither
  • Meet the Original Joust
  • Print Out
  • Input
  • Computereyes: But Captain Kirk Has One
  • RAMblings
  • Golden Pons
  • Championship Videogaming
  • Video Victor
  • You Read It Here First

…and more!