Sega Visions, May 1995

Sega Visions, May 1995.

Sega Visions was Sega’s answer to Nintendo Power but it never had the same distribution. The big story in the May 1995 issue was the Sega Saturn as it was released that same month in North America. This was near the end of the life of this magazine and the final issue would be released in September.

The May 1995 issue of Sega Visions includes:


  • The Sega Saturn Arrives – The most talked about, most eagerly awaited and (yes!) most powerful machine in the history of video games is here. Forget the rumors. Get the real story on the machine, the games, and the unvelievable arcade experience that could come only from Sega.
  • Panzer Dragoon – This Shooter redefines the genre with the most spectacular graphics this side of the arcades. Seamless animation, 3-D computer-rendered artwork, and a 360 perspective immerse you in vivid, exhilarating new gaming world.
  • Virtua Fighter – The superlative Sega Saturn port of the arcade classic is selling in Japan at an incredible one-to-one rate with the hardware itself. See what all the excitement is about with our in-depth look at this groundbreaking, 150,000-polygon-per-second bone cruncher.
  • NHL All-Star Hockey – Quite simply, this is the best hockey game on any platform, ever! The animation is lifelike and fluid, the play is brutally realistic, and the speed will slam you into the next rink.
  • Clockwork Knight – A mechanical knight battles some of the biggest bosses around.
  • Daytona USA – Everything you love in the arcade’s revolutionary racing sim and more!
  • Virtual Hydlide
  • Worldwide Soccer
  • Grand Slam Baseball
  • Deadalus
  • Pebble Beach Golf Links
  • Van Battle
  • Virtua Cop
  • Astal
  • Gotha
  • Yumemi Mansion II
  • Bug!
  • Myst
  • V.R. Virtua Racing
  • Dark Legends
  • Defcon 0
  • Crystal Dynamics – The red-hot development company has turned its talents loose on a whole crop of Sega Saturn titles.
  • Sega Online – Tap into the universe of Sega’s online offerings.
  • Primal Rage – The arcade smash runs wild on your Genesis.
  • Knuckles’ Chaotix – The dreaded red one is flying onto your Genesis 32X, and he’s got a whole crew of crazed critters with him. Thanks to Sega’s new tethering technology, you can pair up any two of them for double the challenge and double the mayhem.
  • Profile of a Game Designer – Novak is the celebrated creator of Sega’s X-Men 2, and he’s working on an amazing new Sega Saturn title. How did he get into this business, and what makes him tick?
  • The Hottest Titles of E3 – You can’t attend the show, but Sega Visions has the inside scoop on the blazing-hot new game lineup from Sega.

Genesis 32X

  • Shadow Squadron
  • Zaxxon’s Motherbase 2000
  • Brutal

Sega CD

  • Road Rash
  • Dungeon Explorer
  • Popful Mail


  • Beyond Oasis

Sports Playbook

  • ATP Tour Championship Tennis
  • NBA Action ’95 Starring David Robinson
  • RBI Baseball ’95
  • NFL Quarterback Club
  • Wayne Gretzky and the NHLPA All Stars

…and more!