Computer Gaming World, January/February 1986

Computer Gaming World, January/February 1986

Computer Gaming World was without a doubt the best computer specific gaming magazine. Though it covered various computer platforms back when more platforms were viable, it was DOS/Windows oriented for most of its life. Fortunately, not too much changed when it became Games for Windows. Unfortunately, it didn’t survive long after that. The January/February 1986 issue includes:


  • Under Fire! – Infantry Combat from Avalon Hill
  • Ultima IV – Review and Playing Tips
  • The Year In Review – Adventure Games in 1985
  • Silent Service – Review
  • Kampfgruppe – A Replay
  • The Gates of Moscow – Review
  • Heart of Africa – Review


  • Taking A Peek – Screen Photos and Brief Comments
  • Editorial
  • Commodore Key – Information for Commodore Gamers
  • Atari Playfield – Information for Atari Gamers
  • Reader Input Device
  • Game Ratings – 100 Games Rated

…and more!