Amiga World Tech Journal, December 1991

Amiga World Tech Journal, December 1991

Amiga World Tech Journal was a very technically oriented spinoff of Amiga World. Only seven issues were published in 1991 and 1992. The December 1991 issue includes:


  • 68030 to 68040 Differences – Explore Motorola’s speed demon
  • Clean Up Your Programs – Debugging with Enforcer and Mungwall
  • Efficient Assembly Programming – Combine low-level banging with system calls
  • Custom Interfaces with ARexx – Add a GUI to Lharc
  • “Pure” Tricks with SAS/C – Safe resident code
  • Inside MIDI – What it means – beyond Musical Instrument Digital Interface
  • Designing a Device Driver – Don’t embed commands, collect them in a driver
  • Spawning Tasks – Create synchronous and asynchronous processes in C
  • Programming 2.0’s NewMenus – More help from gadtools library
  • Programming Serial.Device – Find more control below SER:
  • Hard Disks: How Fast Are They Really? – Translating the spec-sheet to real performance


  • Amiga UI Style Guide – The definitive word on look and feel


  • Message Port – Who are you?
  • Digging Deep in the OS – An introduction to tags
  • Graphics Handler – 2.0 changes to graphics.library
  • TNT – Products and news worth noting
  • Letters – The floor is yours…

On Disk

  • Loads of Libraries
  • Custom Printer Drivers
  • Plus source code and executables for articles